quinta-feira, setembro 13, 2007


thought i knew you well
thought i had read the sky
thought i had read a change
in your eyes

woke up to a world
that i am not a part
except when i can play
it's stranger
after all what were you really looking for
and i wonder when will i learn
blue isn't red everybody knows this

and i wonder when will i learn
when will i learn
guess i was in deeper than i thought i was
if i have enough love for the both of us
"just stay" you said "we'll build a nest"
so i left my life

tried on your friends
tried on your opinions.
so when the bridges froze
and you did not come home
i put our snowflake
under a microscope
after all what was i really looking for
and i wonder when will i learn
maybe my wish knew better than i did
and i wonder so strange now
i'm finally in
the party has begun
it's not like i can't feel you still
but strange what i will leave behind
you call me one more time
but now i must be leaving

quarta-feira, setembro 12, 2007


Recomeçar o pilates... iupi....

Pilates: restart!

segunda-feira, setembro 03, 2007

o mar, the sea

Langnas (faltam as bolas nos a...)

sunset over the baltic sea

o pôr do sol às 22.30h no mar báltico...


Ok, a partir de hoje é oficial. Este blog internacionalizou-se, de modo que agora passará a ser bilingue, para toda a gente além fronteiras poder percebê-lo. É um passo muito importante na sua divulgação...
Mas vai dar-me uma trabalheira do caraças. Se alguém se quiser oferecer para o traduzir para outras línguas, como por exmplo o chinês, agradeço a ajuda.

Ok, from today on it's oficial. This blog has become international so, from now on it will be bilingual so that everybody overboard could understand. It's a very important step for its spread...
But I will have so much work. If anyone would like to help translating to other languages, like chinese, for instance, I appreciate the help.

And now, some more pictures from my wonderful august...

E agora, mais fotos do fantástico mês de agosto...

viking line